Ramblings of a Rambler – June 2024

By Bill Watson, Publisher
Prime Time News ~

Hi Prime Timers! It’s starting to warm up. Deb and I had company visiting from Pennsylvania the last week of May. It was great to spend that time with them and talk about old memories and new happenings. On their last day in town, we took the train into Denver to show them the spots we enjoy when we’re there. The weather was perfect and it felt good to see everyone walking around and enjoying the city.

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

As I’m writing this the Phillies are in town. My son Bill and I attended the first game on Friday night. The Rockies won in 11 innings. Deb and I attended the Saturday night game in which the Phillies won. Both were great experiences and traveled by train to Union Station – the best way to go! One of the highlights of my Friday night was an encounter with a little boy about five or six years old as we were leaving the stadium. He was all decked out in his Rockies’ gear and a big smile. He stopped, looked up at me and gave me a fist bump and said good game. His sportsmanship and kindness made me feel so good that night. It’s something adults should aspire to and a tip of the hat to his parents. They’re doing something right!

Boy, we had a lot of shows in May! It was great to see everyone. We weren’t at the Senior Connection’s event at Windsor Gardens which is one of our favorite shows to attend. Deb and I mixed up the date and unfortunately missed the show. June will be another month of great events. We’ll make sure we get the dates right this time! You can check the date and times in the advertisement in this month’s paper. Hope to see you there!…

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