Ramblings of a Rambler – June 2019

By Bill Watson, Publisher
Prime Time For Seniors ~

Hi Prime Timers! I think it’s safe to say winter is over. The last snow we had took down the cherry tree in our front yard. The weight of five inches of wet snow was too much to bare. Sad, especially in spring time when the Robin fledglings spend a week devouring the fruit. It takes about a week for them to eat thousands of cherries…

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

We’ll be at a few events this month. Both Adams County and Jefferson County Senior Law Days and a Senior Connection at Windsor Gardens. All great events and we hope to see you there!

Thank you to the folks who decided to take a yearly subscription to the Prime Time. Although the Prime Time is a free publication we do charge for a mail subscription. The $20 cost covers the first-class mailing.  Each and every month our mail subscriptions are growing. Thank You!!!

Summer in Colorado is one of our favorite times. Almost every night of the week you can find free entertainment in one of our various communities. Great homegrown entertainment. If you haven’t taken advantage of these free events, now is the perfect time…

Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all our advertisers, contributors and readers for your continued support. Thank You!!!

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