Ramblings of a Rambler – June 2015

I hope you enjoy our June edition. We have a lot of information for our readers. Thanks again to all the people who submitted articles that supply that information. We have a few new advertisers in the paper. We hope you have use of the services they provide. If you call one of our advertisers let them know you saw their ad in the Prime Time. It helps us.

On the sports front as usual my Phillies are in the cellar and I’m anxiously awaiting the football season. Some things never change. I’m sure our Rockie fans enjoyed their sweep of the Phillies this past weekend. Its the first time the Rockies swept the Phills in a series.

I love this time of year. It seems like all the cities and towns have one evening a week with free entertainment. Deb and I love to listen to local musicians and dance to their musical offerings. There is a lot of talent in Colorado.

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

It’s hard to believe June is here already. We’ve been very busy on the home front. We sold our home. We close in the middle of the month. Finding a new home proved to be very nerve wracking. God Bless our realtor Duane Penny. Duane is a good friend who I met during my corporate life in the newspaper business. We both left corporate life around the same time in 2011. It was Duane who introduced me to the previous owner of the Prime Time, Patti Wambach. I was out of work for 18 months at the time and almost out of our savings when Patti sold us the paper. I’m very grateful for their friendship!

We met with Duane to talk about selling our house ourselves and ten minutes into the conversation my wife Deb turned to me and said we need to hire Duane. We’ve worked with two other realtors over the past three years with no luck. Duane had our house sold in a few days. That was the easy part as it turned out. Buying a new home was very stressful. The real estate market is booming in Colorado. We must have seen over twenty homes. There were a few we liked and we made bids on those properties. One place we loved we put a bid in for seven thousand dollars over the asking price. It sold for twenty five thousand over the asking price. Crazy! If things go according to plan we will be moving to Reunion, out near the airport in the beginning of July. Fingers crossed.

Thanks again, to all the folks who are taking out subscriptions for $18 per year. It means a lot to us and keeps the paper going. Its your paper! As always, let us know your thoughts. 303-945-4506 or email bill@MyPrimeTimeNews.com…

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