Ramblings of a Rambler – July 2024

By Bill Watson, Publisher
Prime Time News ~

Hi Prime Timers! I hope you enjoyed our last heat wave and the storms that followed. Our little vegetable garden absolutely loved it. We have two zucchini and three eggplant plants. In the past, we planted three of the zucchini but family, friends and anyone who would take one, were zucchinied out. All the plants really took off, showing a noticeable growth. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have a few zucchinis ready to pick in a week or so. The eggplants on the other hand, take their time producing. The purple flowers are out now but they have a while to go before I have eggplant parmigiana…

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

Earlier this month our sons and their families came out to visit. It’s always such a special time when we all get together but unfortunately goes by too fast. Plans are made, games are played and the fun begins! Our granddaughter Bella wanted to take the train to Denver and spend the day in the city. So we got our tickets, boarded the train and headed Downtown. It was the perfect day except for one thing, the heat. It was really HOT!! We walked to 16th Street in pursuit of the Mall. Most of the street is under construction and as we weaved our way through fenced-off walk ways, I felt like a rat in a maze, a very HOT rat. After a mile into our walk and making a few wrong turns to get to our destination, the group replaced me as point and let the grandkids take the lead instead. As we kept walking, I remember thinking, God, I’m cooking myself here and realized I couldn’t go any further. I’ve gotta get indoors with some AC and refreshments. As I was crossing the street, I looked up and my nonchalant prayer was answered. There it was, the Appaloosa Bar and Grill. I called to Debbie who was about 10 paces in front of me and asked if the group would be returning this way. She caught my drift and let them know that Nona and Pappy needed a break from the heat or they may find us lying on the side of the road. About an hour later and well rested and hydrated, we received a text from our son and rejoined the group at the Lucky Strike Arcade. Great time and SO much fun!!….

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