Ramblings of a Rambler – July 2019

By Bill Watson,
Publisher, Prime Time For Seniors

Hi Prime Timers, Summer is here! Deb and I moved to Colorado from PA 13 years ago. Back in PA my hobby was golfing. When our boys grew up and moved out, I golfed almost every day. I would walk 9 holes after work at a local course. My golf game got better, as I played to a 10 handicap.

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

When we first moved to Colorado I would golf on weekends and work tournaments. I also enjoyed the majesty of hiking in this beautiful state. As the summers went by my golfing decreased and my walks and hikes increased. About 5 years ago I took a nasty fall at Rocky Mountain National Park and fractured my wrist. I had surgery the day after my fall which went really well and now I have a plate with 13 screws in my arm. That put an end to golfing for a while and I’ve done more walks than hikes recently.

This year my oldest son suggested I take up fishing. Fishing? I never fished. My dad was not an outdoorsman. We had a family newspaper in PA and my dad worked a lot of hours. I was never exposed to hunting or fishing. We played all the sports you could imagine but never enjoyed the wonderful experiences of the outdoors.

Well, that changed this summer. I decided to take up fishing. I’ve been trying to pick up tips on Google and by talking to friends, family and folks I meet at the ponds. It took about 4 or 5 trips before I caught my first fish, a big mouth bass. Before that I caught a tree, a bird and myself!

I know I have a lot to learn but I’m really enjoying the experience and my time with a line in the water.

There is so much to see in nature and I love getting to know it better. I watched a Blue Herron stalk a fish. I was amazed at how slow and steady it moved in for the catch. I also saw a Muskrat harvest tall grass and swim it to its burrow in the side of the bank.

Yes, I’m totally hooked on fishing! I haven’t taken any home yet, just catch and release but I do have a goal of catching and enjoying one of the local Walleyes. I hear they’re a great tasting fish… It’s good to have goals.

We would like to wish everyone a Very Happy and Safe Fourth of July Holiday!