Ramblings of a Rambler – July 2018

By Bill Watson, Publisher

Hi Prime Timers! Summer is here and we’re thankful that we got some much needed rain. I know the grass in my back yard is happy! A few weeks ago, one of the trees in our backyard fell onto our deck due to very strong winds. After having someone come to access the problem he told us that our grass had a fungus!! After applying some fungus killer, fertilizer, grass seed and a little TLC, the grass is coming in thick and green. It’s an annual battle…

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

A few years ago we moved to the Reunion development in Commerce City. It’s amaz­ing watching the area grow. Contractors are now starting to clear an area for 110 new homes. Wherever we go we can see large housing developments in progress…

This is an election year, hopefully everyone voted and submitted their primary ballots.  It’s so easy to vote in Colorado that it baffles me that participation is under 50%. This is  an important election, so much is at stake. Please vote!

The Rockies slipped in the standing this past month but they seem to be getting ready for a competitive second half of the season. I love watching this team play, they are a lot of fun. Luckily their division is tight. As of this writing they are 6.5 games out of first place and 4 games out of second place. Go Rockies!

Last month our printer ran out of newsprint and printed us on a premium bright pa­per. Our distributors had quite the workout lugging bundles that weighed twice as much as regular newsprint. Thanks folks, we appreciate your commitment in distributing the Prime Time…

As always, gratitude and much appreciation to our advertisers, contributors and read­ers for your support. We wish everyone a very safe and happy Fourth of July Holiday!!

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