Ramblings of a Rambler – Jan 2017

~ By Bill Watson, Publisher, Prime Time For Seniors ~

Happy New Year Prime Timers! Wow, 2017, it sounds nice. Let’s make the best of it. We live in a great area. We are fortunate to have first-class rec centers and senior centers in our communities. They offer a bevy of services and classes for everyone. If you haven’t already visited your local center take the time to pay a visit. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and will probably have a wonderful social experience. Check the back of this month’s edition for the centers in your community…

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and you have a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year! Since moving West our holiday dinner table has changed quite a bit. Back in Pennsylvania, family would fill one table, with an extra leaf, for the adults and another table for the kids. It was a notable moment when you graduated from the kids table to the adult table. Our Colorado holiday table is made up of family with a mix of wonderful people we are blessed to call friends. We hope everyone has the warmth of a good friend in 2017…

We would not be able to publish this paper without the support of our advertisers and contributors. Their dedication to getting much needed information and news out to our seniors and their families is inspirational to us all. We are truly grateful and appreciative for all you do and we thank you very much!!

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