Ramblings of a Rambler – Dec. 2021

By Bill Watson, Publisher
Prime Time News ~

Hi Prime Timers, Happy Holidays! Wow, this year flew by. Seems like 2022 couldn’t wait to get here. A few months ago, we were at a gathering with friends and family. The football season was just kicking off and a few of us were talking optimistically about our team’s chances. It happens every year, the early optimism for your team. A good friend and Bronco fan asked us (Eagle fans) if we wanted to go to the Bronco-Eagle game in November. I immediately said no as I would rather watch it on TV. Truth be told, I really didn’t want to attend the game because I didn’t think the Eagles would beat the Broncos and the cost of the ticket wasn’t appealing as well…

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

Weeks passed and I didn’t hear anything from my friend who was putting the trip together so I thought it was just party talk and wasn’t going to happen. Nope, about a week before the game, I got a text that he purchased the tickets and the plan was in motion. Oh Boy! This was a well-orchestrated operation. Deb and another spouse (Marlene) offered to stay at our house and watch 4 kids and Harper, our grand-dog while we attended the game. Everyone met here and the next plan was to take the train into Union Station and then the light rail to the stadium. All travel plans went well and as far as the weather goes, it was perfect…

When we got to the stadium, we made the long, long, long climb to the upper deck. It was great to be there with all the loyal fans from both teams. As I told a number of Bronco fans before, during and after the game, if they’re not playing the Eagles, we always root for the Broncos. The best was being there with my son Bill who is a die-hard Eagle fan and has been to a few games in person but never saw them win. We saw a good game and then there was the turnover in the third quarter. The Eagles won!…

Both the Eagles and Broncos are looking ahead to better days, but on that particular Sunday, this Eagle fan and his son were in Eagle heaven. I bumped fisted and high fived all game long, with fellow Feather Heads. It was great! We hung around Union Station and enjoyed the atmosphere while rehashing the game. As I type this column the Broncos are beating the Chargers at halftime. Go Broncos!!!

With sincere gratitude and appreciation for your support throughout the year, everyone at Prime Time News would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year!!


  1. Cowboy, Hurts and the Eagles turned out to be better than we thought. The O-line is awesome, which I’m sure you enjoy. And I enjoy Sanders, being a Penn Stater. I do miss Wentz though.
    Anyway, I was watching the news about wildfires out there and I wondered if they were affecting anyone I know. I didn’t know how to find you, so I googled senior citizens newspapers in Colorado and there you were.
    Sound like you have a bunch of grandchildren. Must be fun.
    Our only daughter, Sadie, is the Director of Administration for PA Lt. Gov. Fetterman. That $150,000 education paid off. She got a master’s degree in public policy at the LBJ school at the University of Texas.
    We might travel out that way in 2023. If we do, I’d love to meet up. Send me an email.

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