Ramblings of a Rambler – Aug. 2021

By Bill Watson, Publisher
Prime Time News ~

Hi Prime Timers! Good God it’s been hot! We’re fortunate that here in Colorado it cools down at night. I was thinking back to the summers in Northeast Pennsylvania where I grew up. Specifi cally the days when the temperature was high and the humidity sometimes even higher. We didn’t have air conditioning so sleeping was defi nitely a challenge. I remember lying there as beads of sweat would drip into my ears. There was NO relief. Ah the good old days…

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

Life seems to be gradually returning to “normal”. Deb and I had the opportunity to travel into the city to meet old friends from PA who started their vacation in Denver. They wanted to see a Rockies game at Coors fi eld and then headed for Colorado Springs the next day. Deb and I took the train from Commerce City to Union Station and met them at LoHi Steakbar where we had a delicious meal and wonderful conversation. After we said our goodbyes and wished each other well on our journeys we enjoyed a stroll back to Union Station. I’m not familiar with the LoHi neighborhood but it looked like a lot of fun. We passed Little Man Ice Cream and were amazed at the size of the crowd. We’re putting that on the where to go list!

The night before, Deb and I took the train to see a Rockies game with friends. Perfect! I’ve actually walked a longer distance from the parking lot going to Coors Field than the 2.5 block walk from Union Station. It’s great to have the option to take public transportation into the city as well as other locations in the Denver Metro Area. It’s certainly more cost effective AND there was no stress from driving 25 or parking :)… Loving the RTD!!

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  1. Hello, Bill! I’m so inspired by your journey traveling, it seems so entertaining and exciting that I have wanted to repeat it. To tell the truth, travelling takes my breath away and I always try to find an opportunity to visit some new places as often as possible. I have been pondering about my trip to Denver for a long time, but no action wasn’t taken because I’m really busy at work now. I imagined how I would sit at the table in one of the popular bars with my friends and we would talk about various interesting things. After reading this article, I realized that I definitely have to do this regardless of my busyness. It is so cool that there is an opportunity to take public transportation in the Denver Metro Area because you don’t need to use a car and pay extra money.

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