Ramblings of a Rambler – Aug. 2016

Hi Prime Timers, we hope you’re enjoying our beautiful summer. We’ve seemed to have a to of guest dying in this year. Our niece and her two sons came in from PA to spend a week. It never gets old seeing the expression on peoples faces when they get their first look at the Rocky Mountains…

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

Political season is upon us. Like I told you many times, I’m a political junkie. I enjoy following the races and the candidates. I watched both conventions, watch, listen and read as much as I can about the candidates, issues and plans. I’m hooked. What I don’t enjoy is the nasty rhetoric from the supporters of the candidates. We are voting for the people to represent us at various levels of our government. If you don’t like the other candidate be civil, the office they are running for demands the your respect. Doing otherwise is showing a lack of knowledge of the candidates and the issues. We all love our country. As seniors we need to be aware of the issues that have a direct effect on our lives and which candidates reflect those interest. Be an informed voter and vote

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