Ramblings of a Rambler – Aug. 2015

~ By Bill Watson ~

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

Hi Prime Timers, I hope you’re enjoying the summer months. Here on the home front we’ve been busy. We moved! We are now residents of Commerce City. I don’t ever want to move again. This time we used pods to move our belongings. Not a bad idea if you have folks to help you move. Lucky for us we do have a few friends and family whose backs are still good. It’s amazing how many things you accumulate over the years. We had a garage sale before the move and we will probably have another before the winter weather sets in…

If you’re like me, you are excited about the beginning of training camp for your favorite football team. As you know I’m a Philly fan. This should be an interesting year. Tim Tebow is on the Eagles roster. I hope he makes the team. Tebow is a great athlete and a fierce competitor. He deserves to be in the NFL…

2015 Broncos Schedule

The Broncos are built to make a serious run for the Super Bowl. John Elway is pulling out all the stops. From the looks of the trades and free agent signings, the Broncos have addressed some of their biggest issues. We should have a good year of Bronco football but its going to be a grind. The rest of the AFC, especially the top teams, have also made some big changes. Look for Indy to be a top dog in the conference – they were very busy this offseason. Go Broncos!…

Thanks again, to all the folks who are taking out subscriptions for $18 per year. It means a lot to us and keeps the paper going. Its your paper! As always, let us know your thoughts. 303-945-4506 or email bill@MyPrimeTimeNews.com.

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