Ramblings of a Rambler – April 2020

By Bill Watson, Publisher
Prime Time News ~

Hi Prime Timers, Happy Spring! We are living in unprecedented and challenging times. The Covid-19 virus has us back on our heels. Thankfully, Governor Polis was quick to act trying to keep the virus at bay. We need to listen to and follow the guidelines and information the professionals and our state are enacting. This virus needs to be taken very seriously by everyone especially if you are an older adult with a preexisting condition. Please stay safe!

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

Our eyes have been opened wide to the new American Hero’s, everyday people whose work at times goes unnoticed and taken for granted until you really need them. I’m talking about the front-line workers. We are indebted to and so grateful for our doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, our Military, policemen, firemen, store clerks, truck drivers, delivery workers and volunteers. These folks are putting their lives at risk every day making sure we are safe and taken care of….Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!!

Have you gone shopping? I took advantage of shopping during senior only hours at the King Soopers where we live. The line was about 300 yds. long to get into the store. There were six police cars outside and a bunch of officers inside the store. The line for toilet paper was as long as the line to get in the store. While in line I overheard a police officer say, “yeah, we remember you guys from the 60’s.” That brought a chuckle from more than a few who got the joke. 

Bottom line folks is we are all in this together. The virus doesn’t care how you vote, who you worship or the color of your skin. We are all the same and we are at our best when we’re united. We will get through this crisis!!…

A big thank you to everyone who contributed their expertise in articles concerning the pandemic. ….

What are you doing to pass the time? If you have a story or photos to share, send them to me at bill@myprimetimenews.com. We’ll post them on our Facebook page.

Be Safe, Stay healthy and Stay strong!!!

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