Ramblings of a Rambler – April 2019

By Bill Watson, Publisher
Prime Time For Seniors ~

Hi Prime Timers! Its looking a lot like spring. My wife Deb and I really enjoyed seeing some of our readers at the Senior events this past month. It’s always good to see our friends again after the winter lull. I experienced a great moment at the Salute to Seniors held at the Denver Convention Center. A gentleman approached our table and opened the Prime Time to Page 2, pointed at the photo and asked if the man in the photo was me. When I told him yes, that’s me, he introduced himself as a fellow Philly fan. That was it! We spent a good amount of time catching up on the latest news out of Philly. We even rehashed the Eagles Super Bowl victory… Sweet!

Bill Watson

Bill Watson

There are still more Senior shows that will take place in the upcoming months along with Senior Law Day events happening across the area. You’ll find a few save the dates in this months edition. If you’ve never attended a Senior Law Day, take the time to attend one of the upcoming events. You’ll definitely learn something…

Baseball season is here. The Rockies got off to an excellent start. My Phillies also came out on fire. Should be a fun season. The Rockies have their work cut out for them. The Dodgers set home run records for the beginning of the season and look to be the team to beat in the West. Go Rockies. Get ready for playoff basketball, the Nuggets are the second seed as of this writing with a real shot at being the number 1 team… Go Nuggets…

We have a lot of information in this months edition. A big thank you to all our advertisers and contributors…

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