Ramblings of a Rambler – April 2013

Ramblings of a RamblerHappy April Prime Timers!!  As I write I can see the buds begin to bloom on our trees outside my window. There is just something about Spring Time that does the soul good.

It took a few months more than I anticipated, but our Web page is finally launched. Please take a look and give me your feedback. The name of our site is www.MyPrimeTimeNews.com. We dropped the “for seniors” to shorten the typing. We were lucky to find a friend and gentleman, David Whitsel, who was eager to apply his talents to get our site up and running. Thanks David!

Like our print product, the web site belongs to you, our readers. Over time we will shape the design and the functionality to what is best suited for our readers.

Once the site is fully functional you will be able to comment on our articles and search the site for older content. You will have to register online to take advantage of our many features. The registration is free, we want your e-mail address to send notice of special deals from our advertisers or breaking news.

I received an e-mail from a reader asking us to run more information for the Active Senior. I agree, if you or your organization have information on your activities we would welcome the opportunity to share your information with our readers.

On the personal front, it’s been quite a month. Our newborn spent a week in the hospital with a viral infection and my mother in-law suffered a stroke. I’m in awe of the professionals at our medical facilities. The level of skill and compassion of the nurses was a great comfort to our family in such a stressful uncertain time. If you’re looking for an Angel on earth… Just look for a nurse!

Pay special notice to the non profit organizations that are running their annual fund-raising affairs. The Colorado Gerontology Society “Salute to Seniors”. Their ad appears on page 9 of this months edition.

Bessie’s Hope is having a Copacabana Night. Their ad appears on page 29. I’ve had the pleasure to see Bessie’s Hope in action. We ran a story in January on residents of Rowan Community presenting a Wii to the Children from the Denver Children’s Home. I was humbled to be in their presence. The friendships and the caring from both age groups was sure to put a smile on Bessie’s face.

The American Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired of Colorado is having their “Visually Impaired People’s Fair.” Their ad appears on page 10 of this months edition and admission is free.

Did you attend Senior Day at the Capitol? I did,  it was nice to see such a great turnout. Many of you met with Annette and received your paper at the event. Thank you for taking an interest in our government.

We have been running articles from Fred Joseph, the Colorado Securities Commissioner, for the longest time. His writing is great and he keeps us informed on the many Fraud issues that target Prime Timers. When I arrived for Senior Day, Fred was speaking on Fraud in the Old Supreme Court chambers. When he finished I approached him and introduced myself. We talked about the paper and a few other chatty topics. All during our conversation I referred to him as “MIKE.” Being the great guy and gentleman he is Fred never corrected me. Sorry Fred. I realized my blunder around 5 paces from where we were speaking. Ouch!

As always, if you want to give me feed back I can be reached at 303-945-4506.
Enjoy your Day!

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