Ramblings of a Ramber – Mar. 2015

Ramblings of a RamblerHi Prime Timers, I hope this months edition finds you and yours doing well. February was certainly an odd month weather wise. We spent a good part of it with spring like weather, yet we set a snowfall record. Weird!…

Tax time is coming up fast. I know some people look for a good cause to make a donation to lower the amount they pay in taxes. If you’ve been blessed with having to look for sucha cause, check out the story on page 11. The Caruso Family Charities. I had the honor of meeting Jerry Caruso through a mutual friend, John Capone. Jerry lights up when he talksabout the charity and its beginnings. If your looking for a great cause, give the Caruso Family Charities a look. You can get a great deal of information on their website www.CarusoFamilyCharities.net

I hope you enjoy this months paper. We changed printers last month and have an opportunity to make a small change to our paper. Our new printer has a larger page format allowing us to add an extra column to our page. We’ve gone from a four column format to a five column format. I hope you enjoy the change…

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