Patient Advocacy in Colorado

What is a patient advocate?

Have you ever wished you had another person at your medical appointment, an ER visit, post surgery, help you find a new doctor, or just translate the medical jargon you hear?  If the answer is “YES” then a Private Patient Advocate may be what you need.   Patient Advocacy is all of the above and more.  This is a new profession where someone knowledgeable in the medical field will assist in navigating the medical world for their clients.  Many times we are working with those that have family living in a different city or can’t break away for appointments for their parents or loved ones.  Patient Advocates act as an extra set of eyes and ears for our clients to be sure they get the medical service they deserve.  As medicine gets more complicated and time constraints don’t allow for the ‘Marcus Welby, MD’ days we can help both the user and the medical facility become more effective with time management.  

The field is roughly 10 years old and was established by a few dedicated professionals that realized there is a set of population that could use help during their medical encounters.  Many of my clients are brilliant and successful in their careers but are not versed in ‘medical’.  Having someone in the appointment to take notes and ask questions that may help with improved outcomes helps both the practice and client.

 Studies have shown the 3rd most common cause of death is medical mistakes.  This is owned  by both sides of the process.  Clients can get used to taking a certain medicine at a prescribed schedule and if this changes and they don’t, there may severe consequences.  Patient Advocates can be utilized to be sure directions are followed on both sides.  

When you find you are not fully understanding the language of your healthcare concerns and experience added stress and worry.  When a family member can’t be there to support each medical meeting and you don’t know what services are available to achieve needed outcomes, then you may want to explore the use of a patient advocate. 

Private Advocates are there after you leave the hospital or appointment and work directly for their clients with no other interests but your better outcomes. 

Bill Normile, MBA 
Owns Your Trusted Patient Advocate in Colorado and is a private patient advocate

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