PARO: Moving Memory Care Forward

~ By Debbie Watson ~

Legend Senior Living specializes in therapies, such as an innovative bio-feedback therapy which aids residents with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. PARO is a high-tech robotic seal that reacts to touch, light, and sound much like a live animal. Residents can pet, stroke, hold and talk to the seal, which adjusts its interactions to individual people. PARO sessions have been proven to help reduce agitation, ease anxiety, prevent wandering, encourage socialization and decrease loneliness.

Legend has been honored by Argentum, the senior living industry’s largest national professional organization, with its Best of the Best Award for Memory Care for its innovations with the PARO Seal.

Legend is a family experience and a family business. Two generations of Buchanan’s lead the company and guide its future. Balancing innovation and creativity with the wisdom of experience and longevity. Tim Buchanan, Legends founder, pioneered the Assisted Living concept across the nation nearly 30 years ago. He envisioned a company that nurtures a sense of family and friendship, serving people and changing lives for the better.

Today, Tim along with his son Matthew, who has been at Legend for the past eight years and serves as Executive Vice President maintain their passion for continuing the Legend Principles upon which it was founded. 

“Legend is a mission oriented company that believes strongly in our mission statement: Servanthood, Stewardship, and Caring and we support it through celebrating our core values. Our goal is to enrich our residents lives as they age,” stated Tim.

 “Moving into an assisted living facility can be life changing for people who want to live a fulfilled life and maximize their years of independence,” said Matthew.

The Buchanan’s are excited to be part of the Broomfield community. The environment inside Legend of Broomfield is purposefully designed to offer a variety of experiences centered around building community and supporting each person’s independence. 

This two-story community features one and two-bedroom apartments and is full of inviting social spaces and personalized touches. Each apartment offers privacy and the ability to make it uniquely personal. Relax, socialize and enjoy the beautifully landscaped property with breathtaking mountain vista views. Legend of Broomfield plans to open its doors in May of 2018.


Pearl is the name of the PARO Seal that will be part of Legend of Broomfield’s new community. There are five new Legend facility’s that will open in 2018 and each will incorporate the PARO Seal technology.

 The PARO Seal was invented in Japan in 2003. It was FDA approved in 2009 and updated in 2014. When asked why the robot is a seal and not a dog or cat, Matthew explained, “A seal is an endearing creature. There are no pre-disposed feelings.”

My husband Bill and I had the privilege of being introduced to Pearl by Dennis Bracher, Residence Director of Legend of Broomfield Assisted Living and Memory Care. It was truly an amazing experience! 

With the planned opening of Legend in May, Bracher has said, “I have a tremendous passion for seniors and have forged many lifelong relationships with seniors and their families over the years. I truly look forward to serving seniors and their families in our area.”

For more information call Legend at the Welcome Center: 12161-C Sheridan Blvd, Broomfield303-466-3500 or visit their web site

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