Park County Senior Coalition News

Let us introduce you to the Park County Senior Coalition, a non-profit organization celebrating its 40th anniversary with its goal of helping seniors over 60 of Park County stay in their homes as long as they can and want to.  Coalition-provided services include such things as delivered meals, transportation, housekeeping, handyman services, respite care, nutrition education, and veteran services.  All of these services may be applied for through our Fairplay office at 719-836-4295.  We are on the lookout for willing and able volunteers.  If interested, please call our office to apply.  We will be sponsoring a Volunteer Appreciation Day on April 22, as well as this year’s Annual Meeting, which will be held on July 22.  Our office will have all of the details as to our program information, all of the yummy food, and locations.  Our Board meets on the second Thursday of each month and the public is welcome to sit in and make comments.  Come and get to know us and let us serve you.

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