Outspoken Speaker Series

Queer Voices – Sharing Our Stories ~

Tivoli Student Union Multicultural Lounge on the Auroria Campus.
Reserve Free Tickets: glbtcolorado.org

Adrienne Norris
Artist, “Women Behaving Badly”
March 8 • 7pm
Denver-based artist Adrienne Norris showcases pioneering
female role models in her continuing series “Women
Behaving Badly”. She combines watercolor paintings with
newspaper clippings and old photos to create unique
collages that depict influential women within the context
of the eras they lived in. She speaks about her exhibit at
The Center featuring queer, bi and trans women.

Jeremy Shaver & Jason Marsden
Hate Crimes in our Communities
Thursday, April 12 • 7pm
Incidents of hate crimes and hate speech directed at
immigrants, Jews, Muslims, African-Americans, Latinos,
women and LGBT persons in Colorado are on the rise.
Learn more about the impact of hate incidents and
crimes on the LGBTQ community and recent changes to
state law to help protect the community. Jeremy Shaver
of the Anti-Defamation League and Jason Marsden of
the Matthew Shepard Foundation share the latest data.

Craig Konnoth
It’s About More Than Cake
Thursday, May 3 • 7pm
An associate professor of law at the University of Colorado
Boulder, Craig Konnoth’s work focuses on sexuality and
health law. He attended oral arguments at the U.S.
Supreme Court for Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado
Civil Rights Commission. Craig explains the importance of
the pending decision for the LGBT Community.

Lonnie Hanzon
Monumental Art at Pridefest
Tuesday, June 5 • 7pm
Internationally recognized artist Lonnie Hanzon’s
career started in the performing arts and fashion
design. He now creates major public works of art,
urban entertainment projects, visual merchandising
and fine art commissions. For the past three years
he has created monumental art installations at Civic
Center Park as the centerpiece to Denver
PrideFest. Lonnie discusses his plans for 2018.

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