Once Upon a Time in Beverly Hills

By Tina Mosetis ~

Overweight in Beverly Hills? That’s a misdemeanor. Overweight in show business? Ahh, that’s practically a felony. “Once Upon a Time in Beverly Hills,” written by first-time author Elaine Franklin, is a blend of escapism and realism featuring three women in a fun romp through the glamour and pitfalls of society and show biz.

The story’s main character is Joanna Leighton, an interior designer on a local television show. She’s delighted to hear that the show is going national and devastated when told that she either lose a great deal of weight, quickly, or lose her job.

Joanna makes a wish to be thin on a ring she finds in an antique store; her wish comes true, her body shrinks quickly, and the pounds vaporize like ice cream left out in the sun. At first, it feels like champagne pouring through her heart.
Now sure her life will be wonderful, she’s shocked that her friends and family believe she has an eating disorder. Her marriage changes from happy to emotionally charged. The television hostess she works with wants her fired, and Joanna’s world-famous movie star client decides she’s not worthy of his extreme private attention.

A Good Reads review states, “This book was such a fun and delightful read. Loved all the characters. Their personalities jumped from the page. I think we all could find a friend in these women.”

You can find “Once Upon a Time in Beverly Hills” on amazon.com.


  1. I got this book and just loved it. It’s a sheer, relaxing delight!

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