Older Adults Encouraged to Stay Safe

 01/01/2024 | 09:40 AM 
Ryan Falkner

Ryan Falkner

I am Ryan Falkner, the Senior Resource Deputy at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.  I have been with the sheriff’s office for 16 years.  During my time, I have been assigned to the jail, inmate transportation, court security, patrol, and now community resources.  I have also been on special teams such as S.O.R.T. (SWAT for the jail), S.D.U. (Riot Control), and Wildland Fire Crew.  I was the corporal for Court Security before I moved to this role.

I took this role to pursue my passion as Senior Resource Deputy.  I have the utmost respect for previous generations as I recognize their efforts to make my generation better.  With that, I want to thank everyone for their struggles, my life has been a blessing partly because of those actions.  If it wasn’t for the struggles your generation went through, I would not have such a wonderful life.  I am honored for this opportunity to give back to those I care deeply about.

The focus of my position is to educate and inform older adults, staff members, and loved ones to minimize victimization of our senior citizens.  I will be spreading information in several ways; social media, websites, pamphlets, one on one consultation, and group classes.  I will stay up to date on all crime trends within the communities of the county.  I plan on being in the communities as much as possible.  This is an effort for everyone to get comfortable with me and vice versa.  I look forward to the role of your Senior Resource Deputy.

During my presentation on Thursday, February 1st for Seniors’ Council of Douglas County, I will talk about overall crime and safety tips for each of the following: scam protection, personal safety, and house safety.  Please join us at the Castle Rock Library at 10 am to learn how to remain safe at home and around our community.

Seniors’ Council aims to educate, engage, and advocate for older adults.  We meet on the first Thursday of the month; meetings are free and open to the public.  For information and up to date information please visit https://www.douglas.co.us/community-services/services/senior-services/seniors-council/

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