Norcs and Villages, Boomer Financial Empowerment, Love Again at 50+

~ Set the Agenda for The Active Generation ~

Denver, Colo. — Organizing communities to support boomers planning to age in their own homes, financial empowerment for boomers with limited resources, updating developments regarding Alzheimer’s along with kindling new relationships at age 50+ set the agenda on the next The Active Generation series, Sunday, March 29, 4:00pm on Rocky Mountain PBS, KRMA TV6 in Denver, KTSC TV8 in Pueblo/ Colorado Springs and KRMU TV20 in Grand Junction. It’s the television series for America’s new Boomer Senior Class.

In 2005 residents in Denver’s Washington Park neighborhood organized the private village concept, “A Little Help” to provide assistance, connection and safety for themselves as they aged in community. Local governments are now reviewing organizing NORC’s, naturally occurring retirement communities as another model to accomplish the same goals. The entire community of Edgewater is now also a NORC, another is underway in Wheatridge, with Columbine Village firmly situated in Jefferson County. As over 80% of boomers plan to age in place, insights to NORC’s and Villages is essential.

Is love and relationships at 50+ now taking a Ôbeen there, done that’ direction or a Ôsame game new rules’ attitude. With online dating for age 50+ becoming more accepting as a rising option, with the meet-ups movement replacing bars, clubs, friends and family for making new connections to potential partners, some Boomers are refreshing the idea of kindling new relationships, companions and partners at 50+.

Boomers identify Alzheimer’s and dementia as the leading senior maladies they fear most. “Although we’re still researching a cure, there is a new treatment presently undergoing human safety trials and is showing very real promise,” indicates Dr. Huntington Potter, nationally renowned Alzheimer’s researcher at the University of Colorado Medical Center.

Dr. Potter and Angelia Shafer, Vice-President of Programs for the Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado update the fight against this disease that over 15% of boomers one day must encounter.

Studies indicate nearly 40% of Boomers are inadequately financially prepared for retirement. “Although the long term time value of savings may be now limited with some boomers, there are steps some can still take through disciplined budgeting to take the anxiety out of support themselves,” states Jason Salas of Denver’s Financial Empowerment Centers. He covers some of these options on this edition of The Active Generation.

Nearly 12,000 spiritual believers, religious faithful and secular non-believers will again fill Red Rocks Amphitheater for the annual Easter Sunrise Service with over 65% being boomers. “Some boomers are re-embracing the spirituality and organized religion they left as young adults to build a better legacy, give back to the community, or gain strength for health or other challenges as they age,” indicates Dr. Roger Teel, Pastor of Mile High Church in Lakewood with a nearly 70% boomer membership. “Boomers will lead a new renaissance and resurgence of the church,” observes Rev. Robert Gelinas, Lead Pastor of Colorado Community Church in Aurora, a.k.a. a Jazz Theologian with his book and on-line outreach. The Active Generation explores this emerging observation of Boomers and spirituality.

The Active Generation is a special series produced by One Accord Media Arts, LLC, telecast on Rocky Mountain PBS, and is anchored by smooth jazz radio personality Adam of KUVO Jazz89.3.

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