NEW Mobility Option for Seniors

LiftKar PT

LiftKar PT

LIFTKAR PT, a line of unique portable stair-climbers, has been introduced by Mobility Lifter LLC, and now has a full time representative servicing Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico.

Stairs are no longer an insurmountable obstacle for individuals in wheelchairs or with limited mobility. The convenient and flexible equipment is ideal for use in the home, care facility or any public venue.

Mobility Lifter was launched in the U.S. to provide the LIFTKAR PT to accommodate the increasingly independent population of adults and children with disabilities, in addition to the growing numbers of aging baby boomers. As people lose their mobility, they are seeking ways to remain living in their homes rather than moving to care facilities.

“Without question, wheelchairs offer individuals tremendous mobility, but in the past, that mobility has been limited when there are stairs to climb,” said Jeanine Carroccio, founder/president of Mobility Lifter. The LIFTKAR PT changes that. The LIFTKAR PT helps the individual with mobility issues climb and descend stairs.

Safe on all surfaces, the LIFTKAR PT can be used indoors and outdoors, and works on straight, curved, platform or spiral stairs. Easily transportable, the LIFTKAR PT goes wherever the user wants to go. “We’re finding that it increases the potential for mobility enormously,” said Carroccio. “It allows people who have trouble navigating stairs either because of injury, age or disability, to remain living in their homes, and provides mobile freedom for traveling outside of their home.

TWO models of LIFTKAR PT accommodate people with virtually any type of wheelchair. A third model provides an integrated seat for those who walk independently. All units are lightweight, easy to disassemble and run on a battery that can climb 300 -500 stairs on a single charge. Attendant operators can be a family member, friend or caregiver, who will be trained by Mobility Lifter.

Founded in 2011, Mobility Lifter LLC is the exclusive North American distributor for the FDA cleared LIFTKAR PT, manufactured by SANO Transportgeraete of Austria. The LIFTKAR PT will be marketed to individuals, medical and care facilities, medical transport companies, rehabilitation centers, home health providers, durable medical equipment suppliers and more.

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