New Children’s Book Teaches Kids About Cancer

The Puddle Jumper’s Guide to Kicking Cancer combines honesty and humor to equip and encourage kids touched by cancer

Dec. 12, 2017 – DENVER – Denver Author and Illustrator Elizabeth Billups today announced her new book, The Puddle Jumper’s Guide to Kicking Cancer, a true story about a spunky puddle jumper named Gracie and her dog, Roo, who give readers an honest, hopeful, and even funny look at what it’s really like to kick cancer.

Whether readers have a loved one with cancer or have cancer themselves, this book will equip and encourage them, said Dr. Thomas Smith, pediatric oncologist.

“What a wonderful, thought-provoking and uplifting book,” said Dr. Smith. “The information in this book will provide comfort, compassion and understanding to children, whether they or someone they love are fighting cancer.”

Billups decided to write this book after her daughter, Gracie, was diagnosed with Leukemia at nine years old. Gracie is scheduled to complete her treatment in a few months, just before she turns 12 years old.

When her daughter was diagnosed, Billups said, she tried to find a book to teach Gracie and her sisters and friends about cancer, but she couldn’t find one that seemed honest about the difficulties in fighting cancer.

“The books I read seemed to gloss over the hard parts, which didn’t seem fair or helpful,” Billups said. “I needed a book that was engaging and fun, but also real. I decided the best person to guide kids through the realities of fighting cancer is another tough kid … a brave puddle jumper who has fun splashing in puddles in spite of the rain.”

To add some comic relief, Gracie’s dog, Roo, shares in the storytelling. Kids can also keep an eye out for Turtle throughout the book, who reminds kids of the power of courage and determination.

“Readers also get to see how Gracie and her family aren’t battling cancer alone,” said Billups. “As the Puddle Jumper says, ‘Yes, cancer is tough … but together we are tougher!’”

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