New Beginning for Denver Author Bonnie McCune

 01/11/2015 | 12:54 PM 

~ By Doriana R. Fontanella ~

Falling Like a Rock - Bonnie McCuneThe new year brings a new beginning for long-time Denver resident Bonnie McCune. A free-lance writer for decades, with local and national credits, she began pursuing her lifelong passion of fiction writing several years ago. Ms. McCune, now publishing novels, uses local settings and actual events to reveal how ordinary people respond in extraordinary ways to the twists and turns of life. Readers describe her new novel, Falling Like a Rock (Prism Book Group, 2014), which serves up a Colorado wild fire as well as the Rockies, as “fast paced and delightful,” “engaging and well written,” and “highly entertaining.”

McCune’s experiences in her earlier careers and her day to day life in Denver provide ideas for characters and situations for her plots. Her background in public and community relations in nonprofits and government agencies also familiarized her with diverse people and city life. Her challenge as a writer is to translate these experiences into story lines that speak to the reader. Locals may recognize settings from her previous publications, A Saint Comes Stumbling In (2012) and Heart-Strong (2013), such as Washington Park and the Denver Art Museum.

Bonnie McCune

Bonnie McCune

In her most recent novel, a woman becomes unemployed after she is sacked and then flees across country to her boyfriend who drops her flat, leaving her feeling unloved as well. Teetering on the abyss of disaster, she moves to a tiny mountain town with fresh prospects. Before she can create a new life as well as a fresh start at romance, she must battle obstacles like joblessness, a broken ankle, an eating disturbance, and her own fears, not to mention a confrontation with a forest inferno. With determination not to repeat her past, McCune’s heroine sets out to bring about a fresh beginning to her life.

While some people view retirement as a stage in life to simply let go and relax, she finds she, like many others, opts instead for new challenges. “Writing novels brings me opportunities to learn about areas I never dreamed of, like wild fires and life in a small town. I’m pushing my own boundaries, making fresh acquaintances, testing myself. I no longer define retirement as marking time but as exploring fresh horizons,” she says.

McCune’s novels A Saint Comes Stumbling In and Falling Like a Rock are available at the Denver Public Library,, and For more information, see her website

McCune will be appearing at the Book Bar on February 14, 2015, 5 to 6 p.m Also at the February event are authors Danica Favorite and Susu Vieira. Favorite’s first novel, Rocky Mountain Dreams, was published in November 2014. Vieira is the author of He Loves Me, He Loves Me Knot. BookBar is located at 4280 Tennyson Street in Denver. For more information go to or call 720-443-2227.

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