“Music is the Oxygen of the Soul”

~ By Jessica Edgar ~

Roberta Krichevsky played a classic and familiar tune for me on a wintery afternoon, “Over the Rainbow.” We introduced Wizard of Oz to our five year old daughter a few years ago and it instantly became one of her favorite movies because of this song. Listening to Roberta play this song instantly brought a smile to my face. For one, because of how much I enjoy watching Wizard of Oz with my daughter and her interpretive dance when the song comes on and secondly, because Roberta plays the song on the piano with love and passion for the music.

At the age of six, Roberta’s grandpa gave her a Baldwin grand piano. Her family was full of musicians and music was an integral part of her life. She has studied music throughout her life and even did graduate studies with Dr. Antonia Brico, a world renowned pianist and conductor.

Now-a-days, you will find Roberta giving piano lessons to those of all ages, playing special events, volunteering her time doing sing-a-longs. She volunteers at Exempla Lutheran Medical every Friday in Wheatridge, but has performed at assisted living homes, nursing homes, hospices, Children’s hospitals, and business events.

Roberta enjoys sharing music with others the most, to be able to see the joy it brings. She believes it to be healing and help enhance people’s lives. Please, if you ever get a chance to watch Roberta play the piano, take the time. She may just play “that song.”

To receive information about piano lessons and events, call Roberta Krichevsky @ (303)424-3153.

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