Move Managers

A Vibrant Young Industry ~

We all know who to call when there’s a leak under our sink or when the electricity isn’t working. Do I even need to say plumber and electrician? But what about when we decide to downsize or move? Sure, we can call the movers but they don’t show up until move day.

So who do we call if we are several months out from move day and we need help making the many decisions that need to be made and starting on the hard work like hauling donations away, deep cleaning the house, or packing items we don’t need until after the move?

Move managers is a new industry and it is one that is here to stay. Have you ever thought to yourself after deciding you need to move, “how in the world am I going to do this”? If you have then you’re not alone. Moving is one of the most stressful experiences a person can have in their lifetime, especially for people in late life who are moving into assisted living. There’s a lifetime of items, belongings, memories, and potentially valuable assets. In the past, we called friends, family, church members, and really anyone we could get to work for a beer and a pizza to help us go through all of our belongings deciding what to keep and what to let go.

Now there is an industry dedicated to just this process. The beauty of working with professionals instead of your kids or friends is that it can be on your timeline. It’s also known that having family help can be incredibly stressful on relationships. Another one of the beautiful parts of hiring a move manager is that all you need to do is make decisions, which they coach you through, and move managers can turn all of those decisions into actions. Some move managers even stick around long enough to get the home ready for the market, working directly with real estate agents.

So next time you know you are going to move, call in the cavalry for help!

Written by Brian Saeger, Owner of Be Free Organizing & Move Management. A 5-star company on Colorado’s front range since 2008

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