Montbello Leadership Council

Montbello has changed drastically since I was a young girl. I remember the atmosphere felt new, budding with large homes, shops, and friendly neighbors. So much has changed…After living in Houston for over 5 years and returning back to Denver, I was shocked to learn how much had actually changed in Montbello. I am a benefits consultant for Bright Health and was invited to participate in the farmers market with Monbello Freshlo near Albrook and Peoria. I saw a number of seniors coming to purchase fruits and vegetables. Many seniors I spoke too shared that they had a difficult time accessing the grocery stores. What was most alarming was that with so much of the construction taking place with the I70 corridor, seniors have been trapped inside of Montbello, unable to climb through the congested clogged streets and orange cones blocking parking lots. It hurt me to my soul because my father, grandmother, and other loved one’s are experiencing this headache.

After teaming up with the Montbello Leadership Council with Stacie Gilmore and Montbello 20/20 with Pam Jiner, Flossie O’leary and Alexis Leevers, we decided to organize Senior Discount Day at the Save-A-Lot 4874 Chambers blvd in Montbello. On January 10th , the Senior Discount Day was kicked off. We utilized the Community Resource room inside of the store which comes equipped with a large kitchen. Bright Health sponsored $10 gift cards for seniors to purchase fruits and vegetables. Pam Jiner and her team of seniors made healthy salads and another senior cooked chicken breast with ginger. It was amazing. We want to invite the community to come out to Save-A-Lot every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. We are slowly developing our own senior resource center right in the heart of Montbello. This is just the beginning to a thriving community who needs our support.

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