Mezzo Muzique: Music for Seniors

Preethi Fernando, Founder of Mezzo Muzique, a Loveland resident, is creating a music for seniors, online boutique. You can now download free, customized music for seniors, free of charge. This is particularly useful for activity directors working at long term care facilities.

“Mezzo Muzique: Music for Seniors” benefits, seniors, their families, assisted living memory care places, independent living facilities, and homebound seniors. It is an online, music boutique for seniors. Any one can now access music as healing for seniors, free of charge.

Activity directors are constantly battling budget cuts, retaining quality musicians, and dealing with corporate about checks. With Mezzo Muzique online boutique, I am offering free, customized interactive music sessions that anyone can access.

In order to complete this portal, I am raising funds through Kickstarter. My goal is to raise $5000 by March 3rd.

Please pledge, anything from $10-$50 (or more) to make this a reality. You can make your pledge by going to the following link.

Your pledge will make it possible to complete an online boutique of music for seniors that activity directors and homebound seniors throughout the US can access.

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