“Meet” your therapist via Telehealth

Community Reach Center continues to serve the community ~

(Westminster, CO) Behavioral health therapies most always take place face- to-face in a therapist’s office or healthcare facility. Reason being that when the therapist and client are together in the same room, it allows for optimal communication. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, most therapy sessions are currently being conducted on an internet-based Telehealth platform. 

“There’s really not much difference in the client’s experience. Clients are able to continue seeing their regular therapist, and staff employ the same evidence-based therapy skills with Telehealth as with in-person sessions,” said Rick Doucet, Chief Executive Officer at Community Reach Center. “We’re into our first full week of Telehealth for our clients, and feedback has been positive. Most clients like the convenience of engaging in their therapy from home at this time and are showing the same level of engagement in their treatment goals as they did in their in-person sessions. Folks are simply adapting.” 

Community Reach Center’s clinical staff received training to adapt to the Telehealth platform and to ensure that clients are having a positive and productive Telehealth experience. Doucet notes the agency’s Telehealth platform is HIPAA compliant, safe and secure to protect client confidentiality and to meet the same clinical standards as face-to-face therapy sessions. 

“The first step to begin services with Community Reach Center is to complete an intake assessment. We continue to provide in-person intake assessments at our locations in Brighton and Thornton. 

Once screened at the door for flu-like symptoms, healthy visitors are welcome to enter and complete their appointment with intake staff, while employing all social distancing practices recommended by the Centers for Disease Control,” said Doucet. “Although these are stressful times, we are providing the same supportive care for anyone needing services as before and working hard to maintain staffing levels that enable us to serve everyone who needs support. Bottom line is that if you want to begin services to improve your mental wellness, we’re ready to serve you.” 

If you’re feeling anxious, depressed, unstable, unsafe or are relying on unhealthy coping strategies like alcohol and drugs, call Colorado Crisis Services at 1-844-493- 8255 or text 38255 to talk to a therapist or peer specialist 24/7. Also visit Behavioral Health Urgent Care at 2551 W. 84th Ave. in Westminster 24/7. Therapists and peer specialists are standing by to provide you and your family with compassion, support and helpful resources. Remember that asking for help is a sign of personal strength, not weakness. 

Call 303.853.3500 for further information or visit www.CommunityReachCenter.org