Meals On Wheels Of Boulder Celebrates 55 Years

Despite challenges of increasing costs, agency stays the course ~

It was December 8, 1969 when Meals on Wheels of Boulder was born. Fifteen meals were delivered that day to help people who needed meals. With each decade, more and more growth occurred.

 Flash forward to 2024, Meals on Wheels of Boulder is a nonprofit serving the Boulder area and delivers over 300 meals each weekday all year round to Boulder neighbors in need. Frozen meals are delivered each Friday for the weekends and for holidays.

 Since that day in 1969, 2.7 million meals have been delivered and in 2023 over 2,000 people in the Boulder community have received a hot meal.

Through all the years, Meals on Wheels of Boulder has built a community of loyal supporters to see them through the ups and downs. This support is very much required since they do not receive Federal or State funding.

To get involved visit Meals on Wheels of Boulder or call 720-780-3382.

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