March is National Nutrition Month

 02/08/2015 | 01:15 PM 

Coal Creek Meals on Wheels needs your help!

Coal Creek Meels On WheelsCoal Creek Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organization proudly serving the communities of Lafayette, Louisville, Superior and Erie. Our mission is to provide daily nutritious meals and related support services to members of our community in need, helping them to live with dignity in their own homes.

A Brief History
Coal Creek Meals on Wheels was established in 1972 by Lafayette resident Sue Marolf, a Board of Directors, and two staff members. Since its inception the organization’s principal place of business has been in the First United Methodist Church of Lafayette, where staff and volunteers prepare fresh meals every weekday at Creek Meals on Wheels

  • In 2014 19,242 meals were served to people in need in our four communities – Lafayette, Louisville, Erie and Superior. There are many different challenges that our clients face, from financial to health issues and isolation.
  • CCMOW meets these challenges head on. . Our fees are based on a person’s income and we never deny a person for an inability to pay. . The common misconception is that Meals on Wheels only serves seniors in our communities. We support all ages and all demographics.
  • Recently we added a new family to our services that is a struggling single mother with a son. She is facing some health and financial challenges. We are happy to be able to provide a nutritious meal daily to them free of charge.
  • Often times our clients have special dietary needs based on allergies or health issues. We tailor every meal to the individual needs of each client.
  • We are constantly reminded that the one visit a day for delivery is sometimes the only contact that the person might have. Companionship and safety are paramount to a person’s ability to live with dignity in their homes. Thus, CCMOW is not just delivering a meal.

Let’s talk about March
What: March for Meals-Mayors for Meals (Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, Erie)
When: March 19th 2015 Time: 10:15a-11:15a
Where: 1255 Centaur Village Drive, Lafayette, CO. 80026

Coal Creek Meals On WheelsCoal Creek Meals on Wheels will be hosting the Mayors for Meals event on March 19th 2015. March is when the Meals on Wheels organizations nationwide launch their campaigns to combat hunger in our communities. Mayors for Meals is a collaborative effort which allows for the opportunity to raise awareness in Lafayette, Louisville, Superior and Erie about the issues of hunger that some of our community members face. City Mayors and Council Members come to learn about our mission and help with the day’s deliveries.

How can you help? Adopt a Meal Sponsorship
To sponsor meals for a day is to provide nutritious food for 80 people in our community. Good nutrition is the foundation for a person to thrive. For $480.00 you can give the gift of nutritious meals for one day for all our clients.

How does this benefit you?

  • Sponsorship stickers on every meal to spread the word about your generosity and to let the people in the community know who you are.
  • Feature story of sponsorship on our Website and face book page. Including links to your website, your social media and logo.
  • The option of delivering a meal with a photo opportunity.
  • Tax deduction for the 2015 tax year.
  • Honorary mention in our newsletter which reaches out to over 500 community members and their businesses.
  • Transparency in knowing where you sponsorship dollars are going. There is no hidden agenda, just good food to those in need.
  • Email blasts with local Chambers.

Other Ways To Help

Donate Funds
Thank you for your interest in supporting Coal Creek Meals on Wheels. Our service to the
community is urgently needed, and your financial contribution will go a long way in helping
the many individuals we serve.

Direct support of our clients is always appreciated, as a growing number of individuals are
unable to pay for their meals. Together, we can ensure that these members of our
community maintain their health, dignity and independence.
Your gift is incredibly helpful, and we are grateful for any amount.

$25 provides 10 free meals to a client in need.
$50 provides free meals to a client in need for 1 month.*
$100 provides free meals to a client in need for 2 months.
$325 provides free meals to a client in need for 6 months.
$650 provides free meals to a client in need for one full year.
*Note that $50 per month is the average cost, as the length and timing of each month (thus the number of meals our clients receive) varies slightly.

Donate Materials
Help us reach organizational goals by donating much needed materials. See our Wish List on our website for ideas!

Raise Funds Just Through Buying Groceries!
Join our King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards program to earn CCMOW a percentage of
all purchases you make on groceries and gas! No money comes out of your pocket – all
donations are made by King Soopers.

Corporate Sponsorship
Sponsorship of our major events is an excellent PR opportunity for your business, and we are very happy to promote your name in the community through continuous recognition. We are looking for partners to contribute to these events in the form of goods or services. Many thanks to our current partners: fantastic local businesses that have made an impact.

Donate Your Unwanted Vehicle
Wondering what to do with your used car or truck? Donating your old vehicle to Coal Creek Meals on Wheels is convenient, easy, and qualifies for a tax deduction. And best of all, your donation of a used car or truck will make a big difference in supporting our cause!

Create Your Own
If you are as passionate as we are about feeding people and have a great way to raise funds, call us and let’s collaborate!


  • We work with over 135 outstanding volunteers, who donate their time, energy, and mileage to ensure that we can fulfill our mission. It is an amazing community of people dedicated to helping those in need.
  • Our operating hours are Monday-Friday, 7am-1pm. Typically volunteers help anywhere from two to four hours at a time within that period. You can opt to have a regular shift on a weekly basis, or volunteer as a substitute and fill in occasionally when your schedule allows it.
  • Drivers are in high demand; deliveries take place between 11am-12:30pm
  • Kitchen helpers prepare and serve up meals between 8am-11:30am
  • Baggers help organize daily meals before deliveries, between 8:30am-11:30am
  • Administrative assistants help with logistics and volunteer coordination 9am-12pm
  • Special projects during holidays and fundraisers are lots of fun, and we can always use a hand. These are seasonal and very flexible with timing.

Please feel free to look through our volunteer manual, or call our office with any remaining questions about volunteering. If you’re ready to join our great team and help make a difference in the community, fill out our online application and we will respond within 2 business days.

How to Communicate with CCMOW or Donate Funds
We need the help of our communities to be able to continue to support those in need. We are launching our Adopt a Meal Sponsorship Campaign for 2015 in hopes of raising funds to continue our mission. Please visit and on Facebook to learn more about how to donate or volunteer.

  • Visit our website at
  • Give us a call-303-665-0566
  • Send a check to-1255 Centaur Village Dr., Lafayette, Co 80026

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