Malley Senior Recreation Center – April 2022

Active Aging EXPO

Thursday, April 28, 3-6pm, FREE

Get informed, get active and get moving at the 6th Annual Active Aging EXPO for seniors, boomer and adults! Meet with more than 70 agencies that provide nutrition, wellness, health, active aging programs, aging in place, where to get pampered, local community services, safety and much more.  Professionals will be on hand to answer your questions and provide you with a multitude of information to go home with. Refreshments and door prizes included.  For more information go to

It’s in the Air: Problems with Pollen?

Is the sneezing and coughing getting to you? Well, wave goodbye to your problem with pollen by learning what nutrients and foods help support a balanced immune response to airborne irritants.

Instructor: Kelly Andis, Nutritional Health Coach, Natural Grocers, 4/14, Th, 10-11am, $7/$5          

Personal Safety and Self Defense Class

Ages:  15 Years +, Stay safe and get empowered as this class will focus on self-preservation and the protection of friends and family, with practical safety practices for all ages.  Class will be interactive and provide simple means of self-defense “empty handed” techniques.  Plus, ways to self-protect with everyday objects. Wear comfortable clothing. Instructors: Outi Gomez and Sherrel Price ,5th Degree Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan Schools, 4/30, Sat., 9:30-11:30am, $15/$12           

The Probate Process

What do you do when someone passes away? Do you need to open probate? If you are the personal representative or executor of the estate, what is expected of you? What if you are a beneficiary? We will answer these questions and talk about tools available if you want to avoid probate.

Instructor: Ryan Scott, Law Office of Ryan B. Scott, LLC, 4/18, Mon., 10-11:30AM, $7/$5

 Cutting the Cord and Streaming

Are you tired of paying the high cost for cable or satellite TV when you only watch a fraction of the programming? Join us to discuss streaming services and learn how to enjoy your favorite shows over the internet. We’ll explore the kinds of programming you can access without using traditional cable, satellite, or broadcast TV services.

Instructor: Patrick Baker, Prime of Life Tech, 4/21, Th, 1:30-2:30pm, $7/$5  

Building, Buying or Remodeling Your Last Home

Retired and expecting retirement expecting this house to be “the last home” you’ll ever need? Fast forward 5, 10, or 15 years and what was meant to be the “last house” is no longer equipped for current needs. We will share key considerations, affordable accessibility and universal design features, remodel ideas, resale considerations, and cost saving strategies. Instructor: RoadMap for Aging Experts, 4/26, Tue., 10-11:30AM, $7/$5       

Good4u Foods on a Budget

Discover how to support your optimal health-without breaking the bank. We’ll show you our tips and tools for staying on track, using our Menu Planner, Shopping & Pantry list Healthy Meal Wheel and more!

Instructor: Kelly Andis, Nutritional Health Coach, Natural Grocers, 5/5, Th, 10-11am, $7/$5               

Drawing and Painting

Whether you like to pain, smatter, draw or sketch, this class will bring out creativeness. Use different mediums such as watercolors, acrylics, or pencils. Pick your favorite and enrich your skills in this class. All levels of experience welcome. Bring any works in progress or start something new.

Instructor: Eileen Hoffman,  4/21-5/26, Th., 10am-Noon, $60/$55 

Medicare 101                 

Making a decision can be hard! Attend this presentation and learn all you plan options and review the A,B,C and D’s of Medicare. Allen will share important dates to remember and how to save money on prescriptions.

Instructor: Allen McGirl, McGirl Insurance, 4/14, Th, 1:30-3:30pm , Free  

There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills, Monday, May 2, 1:30-2:30pm, Kevin Snow, Denver History Tours, Tickets $6

We will head into the hills to see the boomtowns that filled the Front Range, and the mines that gave them their reason to be! Cities like Idaho Springs and Georgetown got rich on metals and the people who might have or not in some of the mountain boomtowns that have given Colorado so much of its history. Stories aplenty, some shameful, some shocking, will make our time a memorable one.


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