Making Travel Accessible

People with Disabilities and Slow Walkers are Traveling and I am proud to be an Special Needs Group Certified Accessible Travel Advocate!   I hear people say, “I can’t travel anymore since I have to use a wheelchair now”, or “My grandparents just don’t get around like they used to, so they can’t travel anymore.”  Does that sound familiar?
If it does, here are some of the questions that you may ask yourself:

  • How do I find out about travelling again – I never thought of cruising as an Accessible Vacation
  •  Do I really need Mobility Equipment- is it right for Me?
  • Where do I find out about what Equipment is available for my needs?

Special needs/accessible travel is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry. We work hard to ensure your vacation is enjoyable and meets your needs and expectations for all your special needs/accessible requests.

Did you know?

  • 12% of people with disabilities in the U.S. have taken a cruise in last 5 years (Open Doors Organization study)
  • Compare to 10% of the total U.S. population in the last 3 years (Cruise Line International Association report)
  • Cruising is One of the Most Accessible Vacations!

What makes cruising accessible?

  • Accessible Staterooms
  • Pool and Stateroom Lifts
  • Automatic Doors, Ramps
  • Service Dogs are allowed
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Portable Room Kits
  • Braille, Tactile, Large Print

General Shipboard/Mobility Questions

  • Do you or anyone in your party have mobility issues or problems walking long distances?
  •  Will you or anyone in your party find it difficult to navigate a large cruise ship?
  •  Have you or anyone in your group cruised before? If so, were there any difficulties getting around onboard?
  •  Are there any physical activities you or any member of your group find difficult (e.g., negotiating stairs, standing from a seated position, etc.)?
  • Excursion Related Questions
  • Are you planning to book any excursions as part of your vacation?
  •  What kinds of excursions are you considering /are part of your trip?
  •  Will you or anyone in your group have trouble keeping pace on the excursions?

Our partners in this edition – Disney Cruise Line and Princess Cruise Lines – both have accessible staterooms!!

Disney Cruise Line –   Guests with disabilities have access to comfortable staterooms and suites, along with a full range of services, facilities and amenities, including auxiliary aids, on every Disney Cruise Line ship and Disney’s private island paradise “Castaway Cay”.

Princess Cruise Line – Wheelchair users will find access-friendly design across most of the Princess fleet, making it easy to enjoy each vessel’s restaurants, theaters, spas, lounges and open deck space. Elevators have generous 36- to 42-inch doorways, and wheelchair seating is available in show lounges and other public spaces.

Joann Thompson is an Owner at Worldwide Travel Specialists, a full service travel agency, which provides personal service to everyone and is available to meet you at your home, office or she would be happy to speak to your organization or event about the changing world of travel.  She can be reached at (303)366-0486 or

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