Making a Reverse Mortgage A First Option in Retirement

For those 62 and older that are planning to stay in their home, obtaining a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) more commonly known as a Reverse Mortgage, through a qualified reverse mortgage broker is all part of a beneficial financial planning strategy.

In many cases, seniors have done some cash flow or retirement planning with a financial planner and understand that there are certain forms of retirement income such as social security income that increase the longer you wait before drawing. Other retirement assets have specific tax benefits for delaying draws. In either case, it makes sense to wait before dipping into these retirement assets, but on a fixed-income in retirement waiting is not always possible. This is why experts are changing the way they view a HECM and its benefits, making it a key strategy in your retirement planning.

Before you take your next step into retirement, you should speak with a HECM expert to learn more about the various ways a HECM can put you on the path to more financial freedom.

I invite you to give me a call, share your story, and let me find a solution that fits your unique needs.

Jim Doyle

Jim Doyle

Jim Doyle, NMLS #335659,
is Vice President of Lending and Reverse Mortgage Specialist at Silver Leaf Mortgage in Centennial, CO.
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