“Love Out Loud” Plays at Windsor Gardens

Denver, Colo. — It’s a fresh take on “Love American Style” on stage in the original production “Love Out Loud” as the Windsor Gardens Theater Company shares memories and emotions through real stories of real people. Weaving love of friends, family, animals and lovers, “Love Out Loud” is sometimes poignant, sometimes reflective and many times hilarious in this fresh connection with its Valentine’s Day premier with two limited performances: Friday, February 7, 7pm and Sunday, February 9, 2pm on the Windsor Gardens Auditorium stage 597 S. Clinton in Denver. Tickets are $5 at the door and in advance at the Windsor Gardens Activities Desk, Monday-Friday or call for reservations 303-629-9115.

“Writing this script was such fun and a real joy for me,” shares company Director Pamela Clifton. “The drama group collaborated by contributing their personal experiences that shaped the story to make a resonating connection with audiences,” she states. “Did I learn some funny things about this crew or what,” Clifton adds laughing.

The story centers around Clayton High School’s 60th high school reunion at the local Holiday Inn. It’s Valentine’s Day and Millie Rhodes and Shirley Thomas, best friends since elementary school, are decorating the room. Inspired by the romantic nature of the holiday they have chosen the same decorations they used the night of their high school prom, An Evening in Verona. Since there were only thirty students in the entire class, they anticipate a small showing. They have lost track of a few classmates and some have passed away. As the evening progresses and the old friends gather they exchange memories of past loves and heartfelt experiences both funny and poignant.

“Love Out Loud” is a unique evening of theater that will have audiences recalling their own memories and reflections with plenty of heartfelt smiles. Open to all to attend, it’s a special enjoyable event for senior groups to share some fun.

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