Local Non-Profit Launches Fundraiser To Help Foster Families

DENVER, CO – Every day twelve children enter Colorado’s child welfare system. Imagine parenting a child placed in your care from a traumatic background during a pandemic. This is why Foster Source offers services to soften the foster care experience.

Foster Source is a non-profit that serves 1,000+ Colorado foster families in ‘normal’ times. Due to COVID-19 – the need for their services has doubled. In fact, recent feedback showed that the services Foster Source provides prevented foster parents from disrupting placements of children in their care during the pandemic. Now more than ever, Foster Source needs to make sure foster families have the resources to help kids in care heal and break the cycle of foster care.

To continue supporting children entering care in Colorado, Foster Source will hold a #FollowtheFlock Flamingo Fundraiser kicking off September 1, 2020. This fundraiser replaces their annual fall fundraising event so they may continue to uplift Colorado foster families. The fundraiser touches the hearts of some of our local community as well. “We have just been flocked by Foster Source! This is one of the coolest things ever! Of course any donation helps and we (Bernadette & I) would love to raise as much as we can, while also helping raise awareness for the support Foster Source provides to foster families,” Chaz Tedesco, Commissioner, Adams County Government said.

Foster Source’s Executive Director, Renee Bernhard is grateful for the innovative way this fundraiser can bring not only visibility to the needs of foster parents and children, but can raise money for those in need. “Not only have individuals stepped up to want to support the fundraiser, but we have received support from local businesses and organizations as well.”  Local organizations that have sponsored the fundraiser include Mountain Peak Dentistry, Brandon Realty, Eng Orthodontics, Colorado Smiles Orthodontics, Farmers Insurance Bryce Babcock, Empire Fitness, Greeley Subaru, Dentons and Bishops Superior.

Most of Foster Source donations, 85%, go right back into their services such as: 

  • The Learning Source – a virtual classroom offering trauma-informed live & on-demand continuing education classes for foster parents. This secure online platform began for those in more remote locations. Due to COVID-19, it sustains all foster parents so they can meet required training hours. 

  • Therapeutic Services – sponsorships of virtual mental health sessions for foster parents started in 2020 and recently expanded to include equine-assisted parenting workshops through Groundwork Ranch.

  • Relief Services – includes weighted items, beds, & mattresses for foster families. Foster Source also grants foster parent special requests such as bikes, respite, or any item that a foster family identifies that will soften the foster care experience for the family and/or the child in care.  

Those interested in participating can help sponsor a flock of pink plastic Foster Source branded flamingos in their yard or entrance. Individual #FollowtheFlock sponsors will rally friends and family to donate a total of $240 ($12 per flamingo) and then nominate the next flock sponsor within 48-72 hours to see the flock move. 

To learn more about how to contribute to Foster Source, participate in the fundraiser or the services they provide visit their website fostersource.org/flock.

About Foster Source: 
Foster Source is a 501(c)3 nonprofit (EIN 81-2922749) founded in 2016 in Denver, Colorado. Their mission is to provide relevant training, resources and support to Colorado foster parents from a trauma-informed approach, giving them the skills and confidence to spark healing in foster children. Their vision is to inspire lasting healing in vulnerable children through confident, compassionate foster parents. To learn more please visit fostersource.org


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