Local Hospice Suspends Admissions To Inpatient Unit

Lakewood, CO —  Effective immediately, the Hospice of Saint John, in Lakewood has closed its Inpatient Unit.  However, the Hospice is maintaining its Home Care Program.

Among several factors that include government reimbursement and delay of payments, the Hospice’s business model has been negatively impacted. The costs for caring for patients in an Inpatient Unit have far exceeded reimbursement.  Rather than compromise the quality of care the Hospice of Saint John is known for, the Hospice has for now, closed its Inpatient Unit.

The Hospice is continuing to offer Home Hospice services in support of those patients who wish to remain in their own homes, in nursing homes or in assisted living residences.

Since its founding thirty-six years ago by Father Paul von Lobkowitz, OSJ, the Hospice of Saint John has built a reputation of unparalleled excellence in skilled, compassionate care for everyone in the community, providing service regardless of age, disability, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation or the ability to pay.
In the future, and with additional changes expected in reimbursement, it will become even more difficult for Denver’s uninsured and underinsured, as they can no longer count on the Hospice of Saint John’s Inpatient Unit as a place of peace during their final moments.  In spite of all of the changes, some things at the Hospice remain the same – the philosophy of loving care and compassion that remain tradition.

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