Local classes aim to provide older adults with solutions for living well

On March 1, the first in a series of five classes titled Strategies to Financial Freedom will begin. The series is presented by 50 & Better Together, the Highlands Ranch Metro District and Highlands Ranch Community Association. The classes are designed to help adults map their way towards a successful future.

  • Solutions for Living Well, March 1
    Distribution planning using foundational principles in retirement and legacy planning utilizing the Macro Asset Perspective
  • Solutions for Income Guarantees, March 15
    Lifetime income annuities, guaranteed life income, guaranteed future income, etc.
  • Solutions for Asset Protection, May 17
    Long term care, long term care insurance, and other vehicles
  • Solutions for Legacy Planning, July 19
    Legacy hand off, taxation considerations, gifting
  • Solutions for Estate Planning, Sept. 20
    How to use trusts and other vehicles to control assets

All classes will be held from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Recreation Center at Eastridge, 9568 S. University Blvd., Highlands Ranch. Cost is $8 per class, $20 for three classes, or $32 for all five classes. A continental breakfast is included. To register, please contact Jodie McCann, senior outreach services coordinator, at 720-240-4922. Adults of all ages are welcome to attend. It is never too early to start planning!

50 & Better…Together is committed to providing adults age 50 and better with information, resources, activities, events and lifelong learning opportunities that allows individuals to grow older with the greatest success and satisfaction. For more information, visit www.highlandsranch.org and select Highlands Ranch Senior Outreach Services.

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