Lime Launches Fleet of 2200 Industry Leading Gen4 E-Scooters in Denver

 01/30/2022 | 08:37 AM 
Lime has upgraded to Gen4 fleets in all of Colorado, including Boulder and Colorado Springs

Lime has upgraded to Gen4 fleets in all of Colorado, including Boulder and Colorado Springs

(January 25, 2022) Denver, CO — Lime is launching its industry-leading Gen4 e-scooter this week, making Denver one of the first and largest cities in North America to have a full fleet of the new model available for use. Lime’s mission is to build a future of transportation that is shared, affordable, and carbon-free, and the Gen4 e-scooter is a big step forward towards that goal.

The Gen4 e-scooter will provide riders with the smoothest and most environmentally friendly shared scooter ride available. The new Gen4 also improves rider and pedestrian safety and has a new two-sided kickstand to prevent tipping over and thus preventing clutter. These industry leading vehicles are only available in select North American cities like Washington DC, San Diego, and New York City. Lime has launched Gen4 fleets in Boulder, Colorado Springs, and now Denver, making Colorado the state with the most cities enjoying the new game-changing vehicle. The fleet upgrades in all three of Lime’s cities in Colorado demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing the best service possible to all Colorado riders. 

“Denver is one of our biggest and best ridership cities in the world and we are so proud to be bringing our absolute best hardware to the Mile High City,” said Cody Noblin, Lime’s Colorado Operations Manager. “We are deeply committed to and heavily invested in the state of Colorado, and Denver is at the heart of our plans here. These new e-scooters will offer a smoother and more sustainable rider experience and they’ll decrease street clutter and promote safety. It’s a win-win for riders and the entire city together. 

Since Lime launched in Denver in October 2017, over 900,000 Lime riders have taken an incredible 4 million trips on Lime vehicles. Lime riders have traveled over 4.7 million miles, keeping an estimated 969,600 car trips off the road and saving up to 399 metric tons of carbon emissions as well as nearly 45,000 gallons of gas. 

“Scooters are proving to be a very popular way for people to get from one place to another in Denver,” said Stephen Rijo, Denver’s Micromobility Program Manager. “We’re excited to see our operators investing in our City’s program by offering new vehicles and the latest technologies designed to enhance safety and comfort.”


The goal of the Gen4 scooter is to provide the smoothest and most sustainable Lime scooter ride in our history. Highlights of the new vehicle model include:

  • Swept back handlebars, a first for shared e-scooters and reminiscent of bike handles, allowing for more a comfortable grip. 

  • Dual hand brake system to make slowing and stopping easier and more immediate when needed.

  • Lowered baseboard to optimize the center of gravity on the scooter and make getting on and off easier. 

  • New kickstand with two legs to help avoid scooters from being tipped over when parked, which can help to reduce clutter on sidewalks. 

  • Enhanced suspension and larger wheels mean a smoother ride over cracks, warped pavement and anything else the cityscape can throw at you.

Most important of all is the addition of a swappable battery, which will drive even greater efficiency in our operations and further reduce the carbon emissions of scooter riding. 


  1. Living in downtown Denver, I have sold my car to prevent the constant breaking and exclusively ride scooters since 2019.

    On a snowy day, if I can’t walk, I’ll Uber or Lyft. That all changed in December of 2021.

    Since December each and every single time I scan to ride a scooter, my bank card is charged with 4 or up to 6 rides and I’ve been charged with $100 tabs to ride 7minutes across campus.

    I have tried to dispute each of these without success.

    I vow to never give HUNDREDS of dollars, DURING A PANDEMIC to this scam again!

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