Lifelong Learners Recognized

A sea of graduates from the Kavod Academy of Lifelong Learning (KALL) received their diplomas and honors at a special graduation ceremony on Sunday, January 29, 2017 in the Kavod Senior Life Dining Room. The graduates are all over the age of 62 and have completed enough enrichment courses to be recognized at this commemorative event.

The academy, KALL, is an on-site continuing education and enrichment program for Kavod Senior Life residents and community members. Launched in January 2012, these seasoned students take classes to improve body, mind and spirit to remain engaged, healthy and to pursue new learning experiences.
“While there is a large movement of lifelong learning for 60-plus students nationally, few academies are actually located within a senior residence so that educational opportunities are easily accessible,” noted Connie Moore, Director of Life Enrichment and Dean of the Academy. “Our central location makes us convenient for seniors in the community as well.“

KALL has become a source of pride for Kavod’s 400+ residents. An average of 120 classes are offered each month, with 10,000 hours of classes recorded for the year. All classes are open to Kavod residents and to members of the community at large. Classes range from Chair Yoga to Creative Arts, Poetry, Memoir Writing and Current Hot Political Issues.

On Sunday, 90 graduates received “Certificates of Completion,” with honors and top honors given to those who have completed over 75 hours of classes or more.

Keynote speaker was Hazel Melmed, Life Board Member with Kavod, and Pamela Michelle Reich was named Instructor of the Year. Refreshments were served after the ceremony, where graduates and families truly celebrated learning that continues for a lifetime.

More photos of the event can be seen below. Click any thumbnail to start slideshow.