Life Together From Now On

By John Turek ~

This is a devoted husband’s revelation.  There was a previous marriage for both of us.  The one that sometimes seems necessary to provide lessons needed to ‘get it right’ the next time. Fortunately her second chance found the perfect husband.  Unfortunately, many years together revealed he really isn’t all that perfect.

Devotion shows itself differently as partnership matures and advancing stages of life necessarily influence how we relate to one another.  There was a time when a whisper of affection was enough to fan the flame.  These days she may feel the need to say, “You’re not listening to me”.  And an understanding husband’s response needs to say, “Sweetheart, I can’t hear you”!

Most of our attentions and intentions lie somewhere in between. 

Marriage is legalized partnership and common assumptions, along with the vows exchanged, imply equal partnership.  

Two unique personalities cannot be equal.  This imperfect husband ‘ruled the roost’.  Now, I’m not a bad guy and would probably grade out in husband school at about a B minus.  There’s room for improvement in the areas of unfair expectations, impatience and some selfishness along with withheld affections and unexpressed admiration.  She had no way to know she is perfect.

Our life together from now on is about to become equal!  After extensive testing a recent diagnosis explained her progressing difficulties.  Mixed dementia with early onset Alzheimer’s. 

My faithful wife and partner is to be relieved of the caretaking responsibilities she has carried so faithfully for her lifetime.  I am about to become the caretaker and assume responsibilities I have unintentionally avoided for much of my lifetime.  

As equals, this is how we will devote our life together from now on!

An In-sight – by New John

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