Less Costly Alternatives to Dental Implants

My name is Dr. Tom Bonbright, and I have practiced dentistry for 32 years. My father, John Bonbright, started the practice at this same location in 1955. Why I find dentistry so fulfilling is that I deeply believe that we can improve our patient’s health, appearance and lives! My passion stems from treating generations of patients, some who began coming to Lowry Advanced Dentistry 62 years ago. This perspective has shown me that excellent dentistry can indeed last a lifetime.

The tremendous advances in dentistry have truly been remarkable. Previously, I wrote an article focused on dental implants, and without doubt, implants have revolutionized dental care by providing our patients optimal treatment. They are time-tested, predictable, safe, and patients have teeth that look and feel like the real thing. For ideal treatment, implants are unsurpassed, and yet while costs have come down somewhat, they are still quite expensive. I would like to discuss less costly alternatives.

For those who struggle with ill-fitting dentures, or dentures that don’t appear “natural”, new dentures made from precise impressions and the finest materials can often make for a great improvement in fit and esthetics. At a later date, if finances allow, these new dentures can be designed so that they can be retro fitted to dental implants for an even more secure fit.

When several, but not all teeth are missing, precision fitted partial dentures can be made. With new materials and designs, unsightly metal clasps can be hidden and with special precision attachments, the fit can be very snug and comfortable. The remaining teeth are carefully examined and any cavities or gum disease are treated to ensure long-term success.

In circumstances where only a few teeth, or no teeth are missing, it is often possible to conservatively treat cavities and gum disease. New generation filling materials and techniques can sometimes negate the need for expensive crowns while preserving your natural teeth. This treatment can “buy some time” until more definitive treatment can fit into one’s budget. We also offer third party financing,  often at 0% through Care Credit to make treatment more affordable.

We believe that everyone deserves great dental care for confidence, health and well being and that there are many options to achieve that goal! We can be reached at Lowry Advanced Dentistry, 7201 E. 8th Ave. Denver, CO 80220 303-333-5148 and www.denverdental.com.

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