Legacy Book Groups

Would you like your loved ones to know and hold for the future the authentic story of who you are and how you’ve lived? Would you want them to know what you feel to be the deepest meaning of your life experience and the values you’ve honed over years of passionate living? Would you love to pass on to future generations the wisdom gained through the joys, sorrow, and challenges of your life journey?

Then Legacy Book Groups is for you.

Legacy Book GroupsThis group process helps the average writer to create a beautiful legacy book to share with those you love. The intimate group process helps to clarify, voice, and organize what each would like to capture in his or her book. Besides the 24 hours of group contact over 12 weeks, each person receives up to 5 hours of 1-on-1 time with one of the facilitators, Sue Torfin or Carin Reidel, and up to 10 hours of book production by Carin, our artistic director. We will include in each group a few people who may be interested in the group process, but may not wish to produce their book with us. Whether your are the person who might like to participate, or the family member or friend who’d like someone you love to engage in this process, visit our website at www.legacybookgroups.com, email us at info@legacybookgroups.com or call us at 303-455-5991 for more information or to register. We look forward to playing together.

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