League of Women Voters of Denver presents a discussion on climate change

The League of Women Voters of Denver will present a discussion of climate change on April 4th covering the complexity of the problem and some of the solutions being considered.

The League of Women Voters has been at the forefront of the environmental protection movement for decades and supports legislation that seeks to protect our country from the physical, economic and public health effects of climate change while also providing pathways to economic prosperity.

Speakers will be Kathleen Wells from Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Paddy McClelland from the Climate Reality Project, and Jerry Tinianow, Chief Sustainability Officer from the Denver Office of Sustainability. Officer Tinianow will explain what the Office of Sustainability is all about and what some its goals are for the immediate and long-term future.

When: April 4, 2016, 5:30 p.m.
Where: Montview Presbyterian Church, Fellowship Hall, 1980 Dahlia Street

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