Lafayette Senior Services – Nov. 2023


Join us for some fun fall themed BINGO! We will have treats and prizes Sponsored by TRU PACE. Registration is preferred but all are welcome. 

Registration Deadline: Day before   

Location: Senior Center   

Day:  Tuesday 

Time: 2-4pm 

Fees: FREE   


636323-A 11/7

Shopping Trip to Centerra 
Join us for a shopping day to purchase for yourself or your holiday needs!  There are over 70 specialty shops and restaurants to choose from offering something for everyone.  Visit any one of our dog friendly stores, notable restaurants or simply enjoy a leisurely walk.  Price includes transportation.  Lunch is on your own.

Registration Deadline: 11/6 

Location: Senior Center 

Day: Wednesday 

Time: 9:30am-3:30pm 

Fees: R $15/NR $18


636238-A 11/8 

Peak to Peak Concert

Come listen and support the beautiful classical music from Peak-to-Peak students.  They will play as individuals and as a group. 

Code                                  Fee        Day        Time                Date                 Deadline 

636324-B FREE Wed 3:30- 5 pm 12/6 12/5 

Thanksgiving Feast, Holiday Craft Fair and Vaccine Clinic

Enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner and Holiday Craft Fair!  Additionally, Boulder County Public Health will be available for vaccines.  Please give thanks to the Lafayette Aging Foundation as they sponsor the meal.  Lunch will include turkey, stuffing, and all the trimmings!  Let’s give thanks for health and happiness to all!  Entry to the Craft Fair only is free and open to all. 

Location:   Lafayette Senior Center 

Registration Deadline: 11/10

Day: Friday

Time: 12-2pm

Fees: Resident $2, Nonresident $3

Activity Code    DATE            

636307-A       11/17

White Elephant Bingo

A holiday edition of Bingo for some fun on a Friday!  Bring a wrapped gift to contribute to the pile and we will play until all gifts have been opened!   Registration is preferred but all are welcome.  

Location: Senior Center   

Day:  Friday

Time: 1-3pm  

Fees: FREE  

ACTIVITY #                      DATE 

636314-A                         12/1 

LIONS Club Glasses

The Senior Center is proud to partner with our local Lions Club to offer FREE sunglasses and reading glasses to seniors in need. The Lafayette Lions Club accepts donations of prescription glasses that individuals in our community no longer need. However, at times they are also given reading glasses and sunglasses that they cannot donate overseas. Stop by the Senior Center if you need reading glasses or sunglasses on the following dates: 

Location: Senior Center  

Day:  Wednesday 

Date: November 15 

Times: 10-11am   

Fees: Free  

Guitar Lessons – Beginner

This guitar class is designed with the absolute beginner in mind. Students will learn basic chords, picking patterns, strumming, rhythm and notes on the fretboard to enjoy playing a variety of songs. Please bring a 6-string guitar to class. Teaching materials will be provided. Instructor: Felicity Muench.

Location:  Senior Center    

Fees:  R $50/ NR $60  

Time:  10-11 am   

Day:  Monday  
ACTIVITY #          DATES 

636401-B           11/6-11/27 

Ukulele Lessons-Beginner  
In this beginning ukulele class, everyone will realize they can be a ukulele player. This class will provide students with instant access to making music and having fun. Focus points will be strumming and rhythms, reading tabs, improvising, and beginning songwriting. We will have fun singing familiar songs and learning basic chords. Please bring a ukulele to class.  
Location:  Senior Center    

Fees:  R $40/ NR $50  

Time:  11-12pm   

Day:  Monday  

636402-B                11/6-11/27  


Ortho-Bionomy® is a therapeutic technique that relieves pain by helping the body to rediscover its natural balance. This method of osteopath-based bodywork, which includes working with structure, lymph, fluids, neurology, organs, and the endocrine system, is based on allowing the body to relax, while opening neurological pathways that assist with, and speed up, the process of healing. Laura Samel, an Ortho-Bionomy practitioner.   

Registration Deadline: 3 days in advance   

Code              R/NR        Day        Time                       Date   

636103-E     $40/$48   Mon       10am-2pm 11/13  

636103-F     $40/$48   Mon       10am-2pm 11/27  

636103-G    $40/$48   Mon       10am-2pm 12/11  

Appointment required. Call 303-665-9052

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