Lafayette Senior Services – Mar. 2023

To register call 303-665-9052, email, or register online at\seniors 

St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon

Luck of the Irish will be in 2023.  Join us by wearing Green for a St. Patrick’s Day special event.  Enjoy of the festivities with great friends, good luck, entertainment and a great Irish meal.

Code               R/NR        Day        Time                       Date                  

616303-A       $7/$8   Fri        12-2 pm   3/17

Spellbinders- Stories of Spring

Stories help us make sense of our world, impart a lesson, pass down history, and more. They teach us to love, to forgive, to be just and to strive for better than we have.

Code               R/NR        Day        Time                       Date                

616450-A     Free      Fri         10-11 am   3/24    

ThinkFirst Fall Prevention Class

Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury deaths for people over age 65, and a leading reason for emergency room visits in the United States each year. Falls can cause brain injuries, hip fractures and other devastating consequences. Many falls could be avoided through simple preventative measures. ThinkFirst To Prevent Falls is now available as a presentation on the basics of fall prevention for older adults. 

Code               R/NR        Day        Time                 Date                 Deadline 

616536-A       Free          Tues     1 -2:30 pm       12/30           12/27 

Flamenco Fitness Class

Have you ever wanted to have as much fun as a Flamenco Dancer? Well, now you can! Try something new in 2023 and join Mariana Ole for 2 fitness-based Flamenco Classes  Location: Lafayette Senior Center  
Day:  Thursday
Fees:  $10/class  
Time:  11am-12pm 
616006-E    3/9
616006-F    3/16

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