Korean War Veterans Meeting

My feet were frozen at the Chosin. This veteran is not being flippant. He is talking with another Korean War vet who has been there. Many veterans, especially as they age, enjoy getting together with others who have stories to share. But their numbers are dwindling and the groups grow smaller.

Such is the case with the Korean War veterans of America. First organized under the Korean War Veterans Association as Queen City Chapter 195 in August 2000, the group left the national association in 2013 and now call themselves the Korean War Veterans group.

Nowadays, the first Tuesday of each month year round these men can be found enjoying a hot lunch at the American Legion Post 161 in Arvada. Some bring their wives and that’s another social chatting time. Since striking out on their own they do not pay dues or observe national rules, the only cost is lunch, which is cooked on site.

Most meetings include a speaker. One veteran talked of his experience at the Chosin Reservoir in November 1950 when our men were trapped with tens of thousands of Chinese swarming down the ridge. It was the coldest winter on record—hence the frozen feet on more than one soldier. As the speaker continued, the veteran’s grown daughters observed their father as they sat speechless and in shock. His wife wiped away tears. This was the first time their veteran had spoken of his experiences in that coldest winter in Korea.

A veteran once said that if your keep all your war experiences inside, you will become depressed; it’s best, he said, to talk about them. Please come and join this amazing group of old soldiers—and sailors. Meetings are on the first Tuesday of each month begin at noon with lunch. 6230 W. 60th Ave. Arvada.

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