Juniper Village Happenings for November

November 10th, 3 to 4 pm Minute to Win it!
Family Games are a wonderful pass time of bonding and laughter. Things are about to get a bit silly here at Juniper as we have picked out some pretty ridiculous games to play. Mark this event on your calendar if you don’t want to miss Cheetos being thrown across the room! Live well, laugh often, love much!

November 20th, 2 to 3pm Introduction to Dementia Part 2:
Approach and Communication
Communication can sometimes be difficult with someone who has dementia. Sherri Koltz with Accent Care will explain different communication techniques we can use to foster understanding and achieve positive outcomes. “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said” ~ Peter Drucker

November 21st, 12 to 1 pm Traditional Thanksgiving Celebration
This holiday season we have much to be thankful for. Its also a day of feasting, football and family. Please join us as we share a Thanksgiving feast and cherish life’s journey. If you feel so inclined, bring in a favorite dessert to share. We will have a dessert table just for this occasion.