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“Roberta has been teaching our son for over 5 years. She is such a happy person who loves music and teaching. Roberta is so patient and makes learning how to play the piano fun. We highly recommend Roberta for beginning students.” – Seek and Find Visitor 4/21/2013

“Roberta and I have loads of fun together. It’s amazing how much she can connect with all people of all ages. Would I recommend her for piano lessons? YES! If you are looking for a piano teacher, choose her!” – Seek and Find Visitor 4/10/2013

These are a just a few rave reviews for Roberta Krichevsky who has been playing the piano since she was six years old.

“Music is the oxygen of the soul,” Roberta comments. She has more than 30 years experience in teaching the piano and playing special events. She is also a regular volunteer at the Children’s Hospital with their sing-a-longs. This later, is an especial love of hers, helping to bring smiles to children’s faces.

Roberta has studied and played music throughout her childhood and went on to receive a Bachelors in music from the Chicago Conservatory Music. Roberta would later do her graduate work in Denver with Dr. Antonio Brico, a world renowned pianist and conductor.

Roberta has been a long time friend of Prime Time for Seniors and would love to bring a smile to your family or group! She offers complete instruction in Keyboard, Notation, and Technique and interest in playing in special events. Please contact Roberta for more information at 303-424-3153.

by Jessica Edgar with quotes and additional information from previous interview in the Prime Time

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